Free and Open Source Software is good for you!

Why? Because it is a state-of-the-art technology that respects your freedom, available to you free of charge!

But what is Free Software really? It is a global collaborative software project lead by the Free Software Foundation with millions of contributors and users all over the world! Read more...

What can I do with Free Software? In short, everything. From the operating system up to user applications. In fact you probably already use Free Software without even knowing! Firefox, Chrome, VLC, LibreOffice, WordPress... they are all Free and Open Source Software.

Is Linux better than Windows or Mac? For some things yes, definitively, for other things, not so much. This is largely a a matter of habits and opinions but it won't hurt to try it for yourself!


Ready to start?

Try out some amazing Free and Open Source Software today!


(Web browser)


(E-mail reader)


(video player)

(Office Suite)


(BitTorrent client)


(Audio player)


(Audio recorder)


(3D animation)

(Vector graphics)


(Image editor)




(Password manager)


(VoIP softphone)


(Website CMS)


(FTP client)

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...or change your Operating System all together

from Windows or Mac to GNU/Linux:

 Get GNU/Linux!



But there's more than software in life!

...there's hardware too!

Raspberry Pi

(single-board computer)



(3D printer)

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Articles are, mainly, about the philosophy around Free Software, GNU/Linux and some more general topics about technology past, present and future.

Tutorials are short lessons on how to use or develop a particular technology. It is focused on helping those who are migrating to Free Software / OpenSource but also those who already use them everyday.

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Kdenlive video editor for Linux

Kdenlive is an easy and powerful video editor for GNU/Linux. Learn all the basics to start editing your videos on GNU/Linux like a pro.

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